Fall 2020

Past Disability Studies Courses at the University of Notre Dame

  • Creating Female Disability in Early Modern Spanish Discourses, Encarnación Juárez-Almendros (Graduate Course, Romance Languages)
  • Theology and Disability (Miguel Romero, Theology)
  • Contemporary Theologies of Disability, Miguel Romero (Graduate Course, Theology)
  • Design Matters: Introduction to Design thinking (Ann-Marie Conrado, Art, Art History and Design)
  • Beauty, Disability and the Novel (Essaka Joshua, English)
  • Disability, Essaka Joshua (College Seminar Program)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (Kristin Weir/Joshua Diehl, Psychology)
  • Literature of Disability, John Duffy (English)
  • Language and Difference: The Vocabulary of Disability and Inclusion (Jennifer Borek, Alliance for Catholic Education)
  • Social Concerns Seminar: In Their Shoes: Understanding Mental Illness (Connie Mick/Jay Brandenberger)
  • Theology, Disability and Dependence (Michael Mawson, Theology)
  • Social Concerns Seminar: L'Arche Community (Kyle Lantz, Center for Social Concerns)
  • Developmental Disabilities: Integrating Theory & Practice (London Program / International; Sociology/Education Schooling and Society)
  • Myths and Metaphors of Madness (Alven Neiman, College Seminar)
  • Autism, Thomas Whitman (Psychology)
  • Developmental Disabilities (Thomas Whitman, Psychology)
  • Sign Language (Cheryl L. Stillman, Psychology)
  • Law and Disabilities (Kent Hull, Law)
  • Health Care Ethics for the 21st Century (Maura Ryan, Theology)
  • Medical Ethics (David Solomon, Philosophy)
  • Childhood Disorders and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (Joshua Diehl, Graduate Class, Psychology)

Courses at Local Universities:

  • Philosophy and Disabilities, Michael Waddell (St. Mary's)
  • Disability Issues in Contemporary Society, Gary May (Univ. of Southern Indiana at Evansville)